Mysterious Ghost Towns of the Old West

There is just something about a ghost town that attracts people’s curiosity. These mysterious abandoned towns may hold a piece of history along the way as well. Here are a few of them that are great places to visit while you are out west.

Photo source: Pinterest

Rhyolite, NV

This former town that is located near Death Valley was founded in 1905 because of the talk of gold in those parts. It was hustling and bustling until the people there came to the realization that gold was nowhere to be found and headed elsewhere. However, Rhyolite did make it into the movie business as it became the set of a Western movie back in the 1920’s.  The remains of some of the buildings are still there to see.

Bodie, CA

This is yet another town that had been booming during the gold rush days. It housed around 10,000 residents in the 1870’s and lasted for years. Bodie has a history just as you see in the old west films. Shooting someone in a disagreement was not out of the ordinary. There are still many old buildings standing and makes an interesting ghost town to visit.

Calico, CA

Silver was the main reason this town was founded in California in the 1880’s By 1907, it became known as just another ghost town like so many of them in the west. However, these days Calico is mostly known as a county park, thanks to Walter Knott who had the idea to restore this town in 1950. It has become somewhat of a tourist attraction with some of the original buildings, as well as some new things added.

Virginia City, MT

Virginia City had a famous resident by the name of Calamity Jane. People flocked here in 1863 in hopes of panning for gold. A visit to this ghost town has its history, as well as some live events happening in this preserved historic town.